Rich is a man who grew up in a broken home with a kind but sick mother and an abusive father. At a young age Rich was sent away by his father, it was here he became witness to the things no child should see. It would not belong before Rich would find himself without a home moving from place to place to stay with friends. One day he is introduced to the world of drugs and it is at this point his world takes a drastic turn as Rich soon finds himself on the streets of New York a slave to those drugs which lead him into a dark place.

To support his drug habit Rich turns to a life of prostitution and chaos, which lasts years. Eventually through a random encounter Rich meets the man whom will inspire him to take a different path. A path filled with the dangers of the past waiting for him along the fringe, but also a life free from the slavery of drugs and prostitution. It is not long before Rich meets a young man named Mike who himself is a hustler on the streets turning tricks to feed his drug habit. Together these men slay their demons and set out for a life better than the one they left behind.

Hustler of Providence has been nominated for the IDA David L. Wolper Student Documentary Award, and director Johnathan Paul has been nominated for the Kodak Student Scholarship Award.